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Gadreel - The Serpent WIP by blackangelyume Gadreel - The Serpent WIP by blackangelyume
"Gadreel (Gadriel - Aramaic, "God is my helper") - one of the fallen angels in Enoch lore. It was Gadreel who, repuredly, led Eve astray - which, if true, would make Gadreel rather than Satan the talking serpent and seducer in the Garden of Eden. Like Azazel, Gadreel made men familiar with the weapons of war (Enoch I, 69, 6). The IV Book of Maccabees refers to the seduction of Eve, but speaks of her protesting that "no falso beguiling serpent" sullied "the purity of my maidenhood." Gadreel is not mentioned by name in this source."
- A Dictionary of Angels; including the fallen angels by Gustav Davidson


This is the initial drawing for Gadreel's bio page. (She'll prolly need one)

I went with the version of Gadreel that is still a Grigori (Watcher) but focused more on the thought that Gadreel was the talking serpent in Eden.

Gadreel is the first Fallen I created that had completely embraced the fact that she was Fallen, accepting her taint with open arms. This has lead her to having three forms, aside from the normal two that Fallen have.

All Fallen can still manifest their angelic armor and weapons, but the taint corrupts them immediately upon touching their skin. This is generally referred to as their "angelic" form and usually involves not just armor and weapons in full glory, but the wings of the fallen and halos visible as well.

Most Fallen walk around in a mostly humanoid form like the one pictured above. It's usually their normal forms with whatever clothes they've decided to wear; halos and wings hidden.

In the case of Gadreel she's accepted her demonic nature and has a "demonic" form. In this form, her hair turns into snakes and her legs are replaced by the long curling body of a serpent, appearing much like a Gorgon or even a Marilith. [link]

Gadreel herself is not particular about male or female fancies. To be honest she doesn't care about relations.

She is a snake in every way. She's long and thin, as are her appendages. Her movements are fluid and graceful. She also has the ability to absorb a person by unhinging her jaw and swallowing them whole. (That's a fun mental image, isn't it?)

Gadreel © KT Shannon
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